elcam medical safety

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Saving time with Marvelous™

elcam medical safety

Why Marvelous is so Marvelous?

The MarvelousTM (MRVLS) stopcock offers nurses a truly marvelous alternative to the standard stopcock, because of its unique “self-flushing” feature. This feature enables in-line flow fluids to continuously flush the entire internal volume of the stopcock volume, including the valve’s, making sure that residues will not act as a breeding ground for microbial growth. In MarvelousTM, fluids flow around the handle creating a “circumferential channel” providing greater protection against blood clotting and microbial colonization.

Ensuring that residues will not act as
a breeding ground for microbial growth

This “self-flushing” feature also enables a significant time cut in standard ICU procedures such as IV priming, blood sampling and drug administration. The below infographic demonstrates how MarvelousTM shortens these procedures and significantly cuts the time a nurse has to spend on these standard actions, which are repeated many times in the daily routine of the ICU. Time is one resource that an ICU nurse always lacks, with MarvelousTM and its “self-flushing” feature, precious minutes can be gained.

*The procedures in the infographic are described according to standard protocol.

Significant time cut in standard ICU procedures

With Marvelous, nurses save time, while staff and patient safety is increased.

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