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SafePort™ Manifold

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SafePortTM Manifold

Induction of anesthesia during operations requires multiple skills and focus and is involved with enormous responsibility.

The anesthetist controls multiple drugs and solutions to retain vital body functions during surgery. Introduction and control of these solutions are commonly done by using manifolds.  In many cases, syringes are attached to the infusion set ready for an emergency delivery of the prepared drugs.

Elcam’s SafePort Manifold, especially designed for ease of use  and safe operation in the OR and ICU, optimizes manifolds for convenient, safe and simple use. 

The SafePort™ is an improved function manifold with innovative dual flow option side-port valves .
The two flow options are controlled by a simple 900 turn of the handle: Accessible for two-way free flow or one way pressure activation.

Each port of the SafePort manifold allows delivery by pump, multiple syringes,
IV lines with preferred solutions or drugs, and enables aspiration.

SafePort improves workflow

  • Enables rapid single-handed medication induction
  • Clear and visible control over flow direction and fluid path
  • Easy to use

SafePort improves patient and caregiver safety

  • Minimizes the likelihood of inadvertent injection
  • Reduces the risk of inadvertent drugs admixture
  • Assures zero backflow
  • Eliminates the risk of gas embolism or blood loss during disconnection of the syringe
  • Available as a closed system with integrated Swabbable Luer Activated Valves, 
  • for further minimizing leakages and exposure to contamination.
  • Needle free connection preventing needle-stick injuries


With or without in-line check valve

With or without swabbable valves

Two or Three gangs

Regulatory status: 510k cleared 
The device is biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1:2009