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Marvelous medical stopcock

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Marvelous™ (MRVLS)

Marvelous™ from Elcam – an advanced medical stopcock. The first minimal residual volume luer-activated medical stopcock designed to save you time and increase safety with two main features: self-flushing and LAV that serves as a bacterial barrier for a needle free injection site. 

The Marvelous two main features both contribute to patient and caregiver safety and workflow improvement:

  • The luer-activated valve (LAV) serves as a bacterial barrier, allowing access to the line without opening it and producing a needle-free injection site.
  • The fluid flow around the handle creates a unique “circumferential channel” that reaches the entire internal volume of the valve. Whether a drug or blood, the internal volume is constantly flushed by the in-line flow providing greater protection against blood clotting and bacterial colonization.


Marvelous improves patient safety

The luer activated valve creates a bacterial barrier that reduces the risk of air embolism and contamination due to air and bacterial ingress.
The inner channel and the constant flushing of the side port minimize dead space and prevent stagnation, which, based on the results of several studies1-2, can reduce the risk of bacterial colonization

Fewer manipulations due to reducing the need for syringe flush before IV bolus or blood sampling, further decrease the risk of nosocomial transmission of infection and also reduce medication errors.

Results from a Flushing study of Marvelous vs. other injection/sampling ports1
Blood residuals vs. flushing time (monitoring set with reservoir)
No significant differences in blood residues were found between the three products

Blood residuals vs. flushing time (monitoring set without reservoir)
Lower blood residue concentration with Marvelous

Yaron Bar-Lavie, M.D., chief investigator of the Marvelous clinical study and head of the Intensive Care Unit, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel

Rambam Medical Center ICU CLABSI rate March 2012-October 20142

Marvelous improves caregiver safety

The luer activated valve reduces the risk of needle stick injuries and decreases exposure to blood and drugs during stopcock manipulation.

Marvelous improves workflow

Minimizing pre-medication/ blood sampling flushing with a syringe (including equipment preparation and disposal) streamlines procedures and saves precious time for medical teams

Marvelous vs. other stopcocks

Conventional STP

Conventional STP with LAV

PrimingUnscrew cap and remove air bubbles to ensure side port primingUse a syringe to manually purge air from add-on LAVsCarrier fluid automatically pushes the air out of the side port valve
Equipment saved by using Marvelous: Syringe (when priming a conventional STP with LAV)
Flushing – before* medication administration/blood samplingFlush with a saline/prefilled syringeSwab the LAV with a Disinfectant wipeThe internal volume of the valve is constantly flushed by the in-line flow
Recap with a sterile capFlush with a saline/ prefilled syringe 
Equipment saved by using Marvelous: Flushing syringe, sterile cap, disinfectant wipe (for each procedure)
* Pre-procedural flushing is indicated in cases of no flow in the line, the Marvelous’s constant line flushing feature can reduce this need.

Marvelous™ improves work flow and reduces costs.