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Safe2 Rotator™

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Safe2 Rotator™ (S2R) Luer Connector

The Safe2 Rotator is a connector with a spinning lock feature that provides ease of use and an extra layer of passive protection for fluid managing applications, without altering the traditional usability and common practice.

Good and safe connection of IV tubing is critical to safe and effective IV therapy. Tube leakages and unstable connections due to patient movement and tubes entanglement can result in serious and irreversible patient injury due to the following adverse events:

  • Medication discontinuation
  • Blood loss
  • Air ingress and air embolism
  • Bacteria ingress and catheter blood stream infection
  • Exposure to blood and hazardous drugs
  • Line misconnections and delivery of drugs through the wrong route

According to ECRI: “Many fatal instances of air emboli in patients with central venous catheters have been reported in the literature. They frequently occur when the tubing becomes tangled while a patient is getting out of bed, causing the catheter to disconnect. “ [1].

Apart from being securely connected, Luer connectors and specifically stopcocks must also be convenient to use and perform their primary functions – direct fluids and provide access to the IV set.

With this in mind, Elcam Medical has designed the new Safe2 Rotator™.

S2R improves patient and caregiver safety

  • Reduces mechanical stresses induced during prolonged connection and minimizes crack formation and consequent leakages
  • Prevents drug and blood leakage due to over-tightening
  • Reduces tube kinks and twists in the tubing set
  • Minimizes accidental disconnections and potential related adverse events

S2R improves workflow

  • Facilitates convenient approach to injection and sampling ports (for example stopcock’s side port and Y-site) during fluid administration
  • Enables rotation of coupled luer lock connections and stopcocks
  • Especially convenient in use with needleless connectors providing rotational flexibility of the distal part of the set.

The Safe2 Rotator™ Luer Connector is available in both stand-alone and stopcock configurations.
Stopcock configuration is CE approved and 510(k) cleared